Joseph Krefetz

Joseph Krefetz Launches A Web Page Focused On His Passions.

After a lifetime career as a fruitful wholesaler supplying businesses all over the nation, Joey has brought a step back again to focus on other passions like trading options.

Orlando, FL - A graduate through the University Of Miami and longtime Florida resident Joseph “Joey” Krefetz happens to be a business owner ever since graduating from college. Joey immediately launched his first business after graduating and never looked back. Growing exponentially and expanding territory, Joey Krefetz would eventually get to be the wholesaler for the entire United States from 1992 until 2017. This expansion included more than 500 retail stores, managing shipping and logistics through FedEx, UPS, DHL, along with other shipping companies.

When managing logistical challenges Joseph “Joey” Krefetz enjoys Fishing and Wildlife outside of Orlando, stock trading and options, and traveling. Joey has traveled extensively visiting many locations including every country in Central and South America outside of Suriname and Paraguay. Joey Krefetz has traveled the Orient and even swam with alligators. Joey describes the individuals and landscape of Ireland as a number of the nicest in the world In addition to the countries stated previously he has got spent a lot of time in the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, as well as Haiti. Joseph hopes to go to Southeast Asia and West Africa as time goes on.

Joseph “Joey” Krefetz has retired through the wholesale service business and launched his website that highlights Joey’s passions and expertise in order to help others discover and luxuriate in a number of the same activities. Joey happens to be stock trading and options since the early 90’s weathering many downturns including the dot-com bubble, housing collapse, & most recently Covid-19. While many traders have already been marauded because of the volatility of meme stocks plus the likes, Joey is rolling out a trading strategy that avoids the chaos for the market and centers around providing an easy method for supplemental income for people who can remain disciplined. In reality, Joseph Krefetz is fond of covered calls for generating additional income on stocks that a trader already has in his or her’s portfolio.

Individuals thinking about Joey Krefetz’s musings about trading, fishing, logistics, and entrepreneurship should visit his website where he intends to post regularly about his life’s adventures. Transitioning from a full-time businessman to something more relaxed and nuanced Joey looks in order to connect online with like-minded entrepreneurs while he moves to the next phase of his life in sunny Orlando, Florida.